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Talk to Her

A tale of two women ... and men. Two men, who meet by chance at a theatre, later bump into each other again at a hospital, where they are both caring for the respective love of their lives. Unfortunately, one of them can no longer restrain his pure love, and crosses a line, which lands him in jail. His friend tries to help him as best he can.
Spanish with English subtitles. At time of writing, this film has already garnered a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award. Note: it contains a sexual scene which may offend or upset some viewers, and amuse others.

112 minutes, No persons under 16 (Sex, Nudity).
Comedy, Drama, Romance, On the Art Circuit.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Ian Douglas: The film certainly does have artistic merit, however I feel that the subject matter may turn some people off. I can't reveal *what* exactly happens, since that will spoil the movie for you, but something taboo does happen. And the perp is such a nice guy. (Maybe, there are TWO taboo things.) Anyway, the film left me feeling somewhat unfulfilled, as in, "now what"? The storyline is unconventional, unlike any other standard Hollywood pattern, but I suppose can best be described as a buddy movie about love. While some sad things happen, it does manage to end on a hopeful note.

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