I Know What You Did Last Summer

A comedy horror from the writer of ''Scream''. Two teenage couples, on holiday, accidentally run over a man. Instead of reporting the accident, they dump the man - still alive - in the sea.

One year later, they start receiving threatening letters.. and then the murders start...

100 minutes.
No persons under 16 .
Horror, Thriller, Comedy

I swear it wasn
I swear it wasn't me...


Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Bridgette Wilson, Freddie Prinze Jr.
Jim Gillespie
ScreenplayKevin Williamson, from the novel by Lois Duncan
MusicJohn Debney
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Made in1997
Produced bySummer Knowledge LLC, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Mandalay Entertainment

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Bianca Coleman
The Star
Lawrence van Gelder
Die Burger
Paul Blom
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William Pretorius
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What the People say

578 Netizens

Average .. 39%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Shaun Myburg 18
Marc Crawford 15
Robert Haynes 10
Hannes Viljoen 12
Carien Myburgh 18
Tania van Buren-Schele 18
Bruce Humphrey 16
Valeri van der Merwe 18
Neil Thompson 6
Louise Parris: 14
Paul van der Westhuizen 8

Average .. 70%


Visitor Comments

Shaun Myburg: Once again Kevin Williamson gives us a clever witty script, making horror films what they should be, intelligent. Fresh script, fresh actors and a fresh film makes this easily one of the horror films of the year...don't see it alone!

Robert Haynes: An incredibly run of the mill slasher pick, dissapointing from Kevin Williamson the writer of scream....God knows why everyone is making such a fuss and acting like they've never seen this type of thing before...Come on guys...you've got short memories - go and rent any Friday the 13th...This is nothing more than a GLOSSY albeit well done SLASHER FILM...cliche cliche yawn

Carien Myburgh: THRILLING !!!!!!!!!

Tania van Buren-Schele: Edge of the seat watching

Neil Thompson: Bad cast and bad script and those are the good points. Very disappointing movie considering the talent of these actors/actresses. Doesn't hold a candle to ''Scream'', in fact compairing the two is basically impossible because the standards are so far apart.

Louise Parris: Good for what it's worth - which is nothing more than 90 minutes of fun. Instantly forgettable, but good while it lasts.

Paul van der Westhuizen: And then he came back. Not even close to Scream.

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