Tomorrow Never Dies

This week's biggie. James Bond saves the world - again. A media mogul is not getting the co-operation he desires from the Chinese government, so he sets about engineering a war between China and England. Naturally Bond gets called in to sort things out...

119 minutes.
No persons under 13 .
Action, Romance, Thriller, Drama
What do you mean, you don
What do you mean, you don't recognise me?..


Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Pryce, Michelle Yeoh, Teri Hatcher
Roger Spottiswoode
ScreenplayBruce Feirstein
MusicDavid Arnold, Sheryl Crowe, Frank Denson
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1997
Produced byUnited Artists, Danjaq Productions, Eon

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Scale (Max)20

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Cape Argus
Derek Wilson
The Cape Times
Karen Rutter
The Star
Janine Walker
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Sunday Times
William Pretorius
Barrie Hough
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Barry Ronge
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What the People say

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Average .. 63%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Shaun Myburg18
Robert Haynes8
Louise Parris10
Bruce Humphrey18
Rory McKenna20
Sithembiso Cele16
Paul Nuttall10
Hannes Viljoen14
Helen van Eeden14
Darryn Clerihew12
Hannelie Appelgryn14
Pieter Beukes 14
Joseph Sinclair 16
Kagiso Moruri 20

Average .. 73%


Visitor Comments

Shaun Myburg: Being a true Bond fan I find it hard to say anything bad about this film, thankfully I don't have to. TND could well be the best Bond outing since Connery's masterfull From Russia with Love. I enjoyed every minute of this 2 hour action packed adventure. Brosnan has now proven to me that he is Bond. With the right mixture of emotion and humour he makes Bond fun and watchable again. The film has enough surprises and chase scenes to keep everyone enthralled in the storyline. I would easily recommend this Bond for those who are new to the Bond phenomenon. Go see it...and enjoy!

Robert Haynes: Maybe it's just me with my very nineties sensibilities but Bond seems to have become remarkably stale, so much so that I actually dropped off for a few minutes during this flick. It's only saving grace was the odd campy line thrown in to spice up the proceedings. Coming from a once very young Bond fan...Methinks I've outgrown agent 007. Please forgive me Mr Nostalgia !!!

Louise Parris: Was a bit disappointed in the latest Bond flick. The storylines are getting more and more convoluted and the gadgetry, which has always been one of the highlights of the bond series, is getting poor. And since when does 007 need an assistant ??

Bruce Humphrey: I hope I remember the quotes correctly: ''We have just released new software and it is FULL of bugs. The users will have to upgrade for YEARS. OUTSTANDING!'' (Software companies please note!) Jonathan Pryce as the madman is excellent: ''The difference between lunacy and genius is measured by success!'' and ''Let the mayhem begin!''. I would love to know how much BMW and Ericcson payed the producers to use their products in the movie. The movie is worth seeing just for the BMW/Cellphone sequence and the Helicopter scene. Beautiful girls, stunning photography, competent editing (just make the movie shorter please!) and Pierce Brosnan trying his best all make this into an excellent movie. Seems that ''Cubby'' Brocolli has passed on but his successors are carrying on the tradition most ably. Welcome back 007 - don't stay away so long next time!

Rory McKenna: This was one of the greatest Bond movies ever made.

Sithembiso Cele: It has high technology.

Paul Nuttall: Okay so I saw it on the Miami flight so I didn't get the full impact of the big screen BUT this movie is predictable and ranks amongst the worst Bond movies. The direction is pedestrian and the action sequences telegraphed. The director needs to be shot! No suspense, no intelligence and no cinematography to talk about. Wait until the video release.

Darryn Clerihew: Typical James Bond sh*t.

Hannelie Appelgryn: Not being a great Bond fan, I enjoyed this 007 movie far better than the previous one. Lots of action (okay) but all the new gadgets - cheez !!! - I wish I could use some of those around where I live!

Pieter Beukes: Nice Film, Boring Car.

Joseph Sinclair: Pierce Brosnan was born to be Bond. As she proved in the previous movie, Judie Dench makes an excellent 'M'. Michelle Yeoh's character makes for a refreshing departure from the standard, swooning, 'Kiss me, James' Bond girl.

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