City of Angels

An angel, who walks around on earth as a man, to help out people in need, becomes attracted to one of his ''clients'' - a young woman doctor going through a bad time. He has to decide whether to throw away eternal life in exchange for her love. And so the romance begins...
This film is freely based on 1987's Wings of Desire.

114 minutes.
No persons under 10 .
Romance, Drama
Love is heavenly!
Love is heavenly!


Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan, André Braugher, Dennis Franz, Col Feore
Brad Silberling
ScreenplayDana Stevens, based on the previous screenplay (Wings of Desire) by Wim Wenders & Peter Handke
MusicGabriel Yared
Sound formatsSony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1998
Produced byAtlas Entertainment, Regency Pictures

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Average .. 68%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Shaun Myburg 20
Bruce Humphrey 18
Rian le Roux 16
Ishana Sukhnundan 20
Jo-Maine Dippenaar 18
Rob Fisher 14
Gordon Ellison 16
Pieter Botha 16
Tanya Weaver 18
Desmond Andriesse 14
Daniel Schotter 16
Tania van Buren 18
Dominique Gage 20
Julie Houghton 16
Simone Luedin 18
Alessandro Cavalcanti 20
Dennis Fraser 20
Charlie 20
Simone Scholtz 20
Joretha Van Coller 20
Danie Momberg 20
Ahmad Olaywan 20
Letizia Battaglia 18

Average .. 90%


Visitor Comments

Shaun Myburg: Ladies take out those tissues, guys get those ''something in my eye'' excuses ready because this is the romance story of the year! The always reliable Meg Ryan and ever improving Nic Cage play two a human the other an angel. With a grat appearance by Dennis Franz the movie is so heartbreaking and thought-provoking that it will change your view on life, love and angels. I tend to say this a lot these days, but this is my movie of the year...thus far!

Bruce Humphrey: A beautifully made, sensual, romantic and heart-breaking movie. Both Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan act superbly. The story does drag a bit in places but is so well done that we will overlook it. It is interesting that this is the first movie in the USA which could knock the Titanic from is No 1 position. Go and see the ultimate love story - all you kind-hearted romance lovers!

Rian le Roux: A bit drawn out at the beginning but excellent later on.

Ishana Sukhnundan: One of the best movies that I've watched, since the Titanic. A bit slow at the beginning, but then a love story isn't supposed to be rushed. I never knew that Nicholas Cage could play such a romantic and heart-stopping role. Love it!

Jo-Maine Dippenaar: LOVED IT.

Rob Fisher: Great acting, nice story right up to the end. I hate endings like that. It could have been so much more!

Gordon Ellison: Best romance of the year (so far).

Pieter Botha: Reminds you in a sense that we tend to take so many things for granted.

Tanya Weaver: A very thought provoking movie..... it definitely left you with something! And the soundtrack is just as good as the movie.

Daniel Schotter: An amazing movie. Makes you think about things in your life as well. Only disappointment was the predictable ending.

Tania van Buren: Movie that makes you think about life and how to live it.

Dominique Gage: If you have a new age spiritual understanding, this Movie just dots the i's and crosses the tees. I would definately see it again, and again.

Julie Houghton: Wow! Something to really make you sit back and question whether there isn't a strong possibility that Angels are around us . . . Pity that it had to end so tragically - definite tear-material.

Alessandro Cavalcanti: Fantastic

Simone Scholtz: Best movie ever.

Joretha Van Coller: It was a great movie!

Ahmad Olaywan: I only wanted to say that Meg Ryan is the best actress I've ever seen.

Sarah Inam: The movie was extra ordaninarily good. It was the first movie that made me shed tears and moved me. I loved Meg Ryan's and Cage's performances. On the whole it was fantastic.

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