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Wild Things

Wanna come skinny dipping? Two female students falsely accuse an award-winning educator of raping them. Two detectives are called in to unravel the mystery. (How's that for a short summary?)
The critics have been underwhelmed.
(I can't remember seeing the scene on the left...)

107 minutes, No persons under 16 (Sex, Violence, Language).
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Sex.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Bruce Humphrey: If you are looking for soft porn then this is the closest you will get on the movie circuit. Many of the girls in this movie are stunningly beautiful! It has a very good story line too. Sex, suspense, mystery and murder. Don't miss the missing (mysterious) parts of the story which are shown between the screens of titles rolling at the end!

Reyaaz Hassan: The ending sort of made up for bits of tedium - after so many plot twists nothing surprised me after a while - I would not have even flinched if Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon turned out to gay lovers. I usually rate my movies in 3 ways : Whether it deserves my box office patronage; whether it can wait for video; or whether it can wait for M-Net: Wild Things can wait for M-Net.

John Cullen: Twisty !!

Evan Botes: Very nice !!!

Isma Manitsa: Unpredictable.

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