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Lost in Space

I wanted to be Batgirl! "The longest and most expensive toy commercial in history?"
Like Mission Impossible and Leave it to Beaver (and even The Brady Bunch), this is the film version of a popular American TV series from yesteryear. The premise is the same - a nice, perfect family on a space mission to save earth, gets lost in space, with a baddy on board.

The film has great special effects, but the critics were underwhelmed. No doubt the masses will love it, although the IMDB rating is rather low for a popular film.

130 minutes, Parental Guidance under 10.
Action, Thriller, Family movie.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Shaun Myburg: Maybe it's because I never saw the original TV series, so I couldn't compare the two, but I thought this was the closest to a perfect space advenure as you're going to get. Great SFX, excellent cast and really cool space aliens are the perfect mixture in this film. It has plenty of one-liners from Matt LeBlanc and Gary Oldman to keep the film humerous while still having a serious undertone. If you don't like space movies.. this will be the one that converts you!

Johlene Gonin: A roller-coaster comic book ride which unfortunately is too easy to criticise. Accepted for what it was it was great fun.... with a poor plot, weak script, mediocre acting and a predictability rating of 6 out of 10. (0 = gobsmacked 10 = no surprises).

Desmond Andriesse: Great effects, but an exceptionally soapy story.

Bruce Humphrey: Ja..well..no..fine! Good movie.

Nick Soper: A real flop in my book. I expected much more. Even the special effects were dissappointing. They were good as far as computer effects go, but not nearly believable enough, unlike those in Jurassic Park. This movie seems more aimed at the younger generation. Maybe I should have done my homework before paying for the ticket!

Niki Pretorius: Nice movie, but I was very disappointed with the end.

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