Sexy Girls

A South African film set in the ganglands of the Cape Flats.
Thirtysomething, comfortably married and living in middleclass Cape Town suburbia, Milo finds himself suffering from emotional burnout, and lights on the idea of driving into the mountains for a few days, to ''find himself''. Out in the open countryside, car troubles force Milo to make for home only to discover his wife, Olga in bed with a friend of his.

When Tina, one of the members of the Coloured female gang who call themselves ''The Sexy Girls'', is attacked and nearly raped after hustling Roy Kirby, a small-time but vicious gangster (and beating him at his own game), the Girls plan a revenge attack on Kirby's bar. Their plan backfires when Snoekie, their youngest member- and driver of the getaway car panics and takes off into the night. Desperate to flee Kirby's men, Tina and the other Girls hijack the parked Beetle in which Milo is in the process of trying to gas himself on exhaust fumes.

The Girls' need for revenge is given new impetus when another member, Molly, is fatally wounded by a couple of Kirby's thugs. Milo finds himself drawn, unwittingly, into the Girls' scheme of things. He warms to Tina as she becomes attracted to him and challenges him, and as the two of them join forces to settle scores. Braced by this world of tenacity as well as brutality, Milo discovers resources in himself he never knew existed, and, through a comic spiral of events, he gains a new zest for life.

100 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Violence, Language) .
Action, Drama, Comedy

Up yours!
Up yours!


Jamie Bartlett, Ivan Lucas, Tina Scouw, Denise Newman, Silvia Esau, Nazley Essop
Russell Thompson
ScreenplayRussell Thompson
MusicJulian Laxton
Sound formatsDolby SR
Made in1997
Produced byM-Net


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Bianca Coleman
The Cape Times
Wilhelm Snyman
The Star
Peter Feldman
Die Burger
Roline Norval
Sunday Times
William Pretorius
Barrie Hough

Average .. 57%


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