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The Truman Show

What is
What is 'television'?
An extraordinary movie about a man whose whole life is a television show. His ''family and friends'' are actors, and people around the world can tune in to watch him 24 hours a day - all without his knowledge.
However, he slowly starts to figure things out...

102 minutes, All ages
Romance, Comedy, Drama

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Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Holland Taylor, Brian Delate, Blair Slater
Peter Weir
ScreenplayAndrew Niccol
MusicPhilip Glass, Burkhart von Dallwitz
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
SoundtrackMilan Records
Made in1998
Produced byParamount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions

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Visitor Ratings
Shaun Myburg 16
Reyaaz Hassan 20
Stephen Tredrea 16
Sandra Kruger 14
JP Fluckiger 16
Bruce Humphrey 18
Carien Landman 18
Andre Swanepoel 16
Nick Soper 14
Manola Tommei 14
David Easterling 18
Andrew Haldane 14
John Cullen 18
Timothy Lang 4
Average .. 77%15
Visitor Comments
Shaun Myburg: If you are expecting dirty jokes and Carrey speaking out of his butt, then you will be sadly disappointent, because this film brings out Carrey's true talent. The performance is so different to what we are used to that I wouldn't be surprised if Carrey gets an Oscar nomination for his outstanding performance. Jim proves that he has finally grown up... but not all the way. I look forward to his next film about the late Andy Kaufman. Spank-you very much Jim!

Reyaaz Hassan: Absoloutely Brilliant - The Truman Show blends the rigours of philosophical inquiry with the mindlessness of couch potato TV - it works on so many levels - our acceptance of the reality that confronts us; our belief in free will; questioning an all controlling God (Christ-of); what if our world is just one long running soap opera - a multi billion year quest for ratings on a celestial network; beyond the mumbo jumbo The Truman Show presents a relaxing warmth - the glow and colour of Seahaven provides a security blanket for us and Truman - and the ending offers the most philosophical question of all - 'Where's the TV Guide ? - What else is on???' - My Movie of the Year !!!

Stephen Tredrea: The concept and direction were very well done.

Sandra Kruger: They could have done more with it, but none the less still very enjoyable and thought provoking.

JP Fluckiger: An unusual look at human perceptions, very thought provoking.

Bruce Humphrey: Indeed. A very thought-provoking movie and, in my view, the best movie starring Jim Carrey to date. As Shaun says, don't expect too much slap-stick.

Carien Landman: Excellent.

Andre Swanepoel: Surprisingly good.

Nick Soper: Definitely not what I expected! Jim Carrey was brilliant, and it was a nice change of pace from his normal stuff. However, I wouldn't say that it was the movie of the year... Deep Impact... Now there's a movie of the year!

David Easterling: Am I paranoid, or is there really something going on that nobody will tell me about? Some similarities with ''Rollerball'', which also involved an ''entertainer'' who rebels against a system that is manipulating him, but this film manages to make its point without being bombastic. And it works in at least another dozen ways too. Very imaginative, superbly controlled, and thought provoking in a lot of ways. Definitely one of my top-ten movies of the year.

John Cullen: Brilliant and thought provoking.

Timothy Lang: I think this movie was terriable.

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The Truman Show
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