Fast paced action. Shot and left for dead by his unfaithful wife and his partner in crime, our hero manages to survive. Hooking up with an old friend and hooker, he sets about eliminating anyone standing between him and the money he believes to be his.

110 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Violence) .
Action, Crime
I need a buddy in this movie.
I need a buddy in this movie.


Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello, Deborah Unger, David Paymer
Brian Helgeland
ScreenplayBrian Helgeland, Terry Hayes, from the novel 'The Hunter' by Donald E. Westlake
MusicChris Boardman
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byIcon Entertainment International

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Gary van Dyk
The Cape Times
Sergio Ben
The Star
Janine Walker
Die Burger
Gabriël Botma
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge
TV3 Screenplay
Barry Ronge
eye Weekly
Malene Arpe
Box Office
Wade Major
Rough Cut
Marcus Sakey
Film Review
Alan Jones

What the People say

580 Netizens

Average .. 60%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Reyaaz Hassan 16
Adam Mendelsohn 14
Cecil Swart 14
Hannes Viljoen 12
Graeme Smith 16
Gordon Ellison 16
Wian Marx 8
Jacques Scholtz 20
Charles Lawson-Glen 14
James Etherington 18
Jacques Boshoff 14
Tammy Rossdale 16
Simone Joseph 16
Arauna Zeelie 10

Average .. 73%


Visitor Comments

Shaun Myburg: Gibson's Payback pays off big time! Murder and mayhem reign supreme as Mel shows us that he is good at being bad. With a low profile supporting cast that shines under Mel's guidance this movie is fun to watch. At 110 min it is well worth seeing again. Lookout for some scene stealing by the great Jame Coburn. Anyone else now smitten with Maria Bello?

Reyaaz Hassan: Excellent Fun - everything that Barry Ronge said was true - this is a tribute to the Dirty Harry/Death Wish genre with evil likeable heroes - take note that the head of the Outfit is Bronson - Maybe in the hands of another director - perhaps QT - there could have been areas for improvement - but overall a satisfying popcorn and coke movie - A Must See.

Adam Mendelsohn: Mildly entertaining but cliched. Gratuitous violence taken to new extreme levels, without enhancing the plot. Gibson is reliably good but wasted on this movie.

Graeme Smith: Mel Gibson is back with a bang. It is a thrilling ride with great performances all round. Brian Helgeland who scripted LA Confidential made a great directorial debut. This is a very violent film and is wayyy better than the Lethal Weapon franchise. I would love to see it again. Many of my friends agree that it was a great flick.

Gordon Ellison: Excellent fun!

Jacques Scholtz: Brilliant fun

Charles Lawson-Glen: The movie was great, but I expected a lot more seeing that it's Mel Gibson.

James Etherington: Hilarious.

Jacques Boshoff: Fast and furious action! Mel at his best!

Tammy Rossdale: Brilliant, unpredictable.

Simone Joseph: A lot of people think that action movies are 'boy movies' and romantic movies are 'girl movies', but this is a great movie for both. It has clever humour, fast pace action, love scenes and is full of fun. My boyfriend and I loved it!

Arauna Zeelie: Too far-fetched by half. The twist was quite clever though, otherwise very average. Role does not suite Mel Gibson.

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