Varsity Blues

Aimed squarely at the teen market and full of suitably-cliched characters and situations, even if they only match hollywood perceptions rather than reality. Set in a small US town where the school football team rules, all is going well until their star quarterback is injured. His replacement is more interested in literature than football. He also does not appreciate the coach's dedication to winning the championships. Expect lots of rock music, swearing, cute boys, sexy girls, and other hollywood crowd-pleasing standards.

104 minutes.
No persons under 10 (Language) .
Comedy, Drama
We're just one happy family.


James van der Beek, Jon Voight, Paul Walker, Ron Lester, Scott Caan
Brian Robbins
ScreenplayW. Peter Iliff
MusicMark Isham
CinematographyChuck Cohen
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byMTV Films, Marquee Tollin/Robins, Paramount Pictures

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Average .. 62%


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Laetitia Loubser 14
Tim Spear 18
Jacques Steenkamp 18
Angie Claassen 18

Average .. 85%


Visitor Comments

Shaun Myburg: A good coming-of-age story featuring some really believable characters, one of which is Dawson's Creeks James Van Der Beek. A fresh stylish look at the High School football scene. The highlight of this film is Jon Voight's wickedly enjoyable performance as the hard-as-nails coach. Good entertaining stuff.

Laetitia Loubser: I disagree with the comments made on top of this page. It is a movie about a tipical ''Southern'' town and the ''Southern'' culture is very obvious. This is reality in the US. I know, I lived there. A good message - balance in life is important. SA sports fans might as well listen! Excellent fotography - especially on the football field. Really an enjoyable movie.

Tim Spear: It was a good movie.

Jacques Steenkamp: It is a great movie for the teens of today. I really enjoyed it.

Angie Claassen: I loved it.

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