The Waterboy

A some-what dimwitted mama's boy gets fired from his job as waterboy for a local football team. Luckily, he soon finds another bunch of losers who really need his services, which he offers for free. The coach teaches him to stand up for himself, and when he does, he succeeds in helping to transform the team. Along the way he also falls in love...

89 minutes.
All ages .
I'm not alone inside here!


Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk
Frank Coraci
ScreenplayTim Herlihy, Adam Sandler
MusicAlan Pasqua, Waddy Wachtel
CinematographySteven Bernstein
Sound formatsDolby Digital
Made in1998
Produced byWaterboy Productions, Touchstone Pictures

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Jeremy Lawrence
Cape Argus
Adrian Monteath
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge
TV3 Screenplay
Barry Ronge
eye Weekly
Jason & Jonathan
Box Office
Christine James
Rough Cut
Toby Herman
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Anwar Brett

What the People say

1327 Netizens

Average .. 54%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Shaun Myburg 12
Terence Brown 20
Dion Scher 14
Fredan Van Rensburg 20
Sheri Creech 20
Isma Manitsa 1
Jurie Wessels 16
Simone Joseph 6
Jeremy Eksteen 16
Lucy Theyers18
Henkie van Loggerenberg 14
Maureen Watson 16
Jared Taylor 12
Marlise Wessels 18
Laetitia Loubser 12
Esti de Waal 14
Robert Haynes4

Average .. 69%


Visitor Comments

Gary Mather: Great movie to watch with your friends.

Shaun Myburg: A film that promised much, but delivered very little, Sandler falls short of his performances in Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer. Even the over the top performance by Kathy Bate seemed tiresome. I am perhaps one of the biggest Adam Sandler fans around, but even I thought this was a waste. As in every film there was at least one saving light, and that was Sandler's fellow Saturday Night Liver, Rob Schneider as the ''We Can Do It'' Hick. Rather wait for the video on this one.

Terence Brown: The best comedy I've ever seen.

Dion Scher: A very irritating actor but never-the-less a good fun movie with many laughs. Not to be taken too seriously.

Fredan Van Rensburg: Very good

Sheri Creech: This was a great movie!

Isma Manitsa: I cannot believe any director would want to have his name accredited to this movie!

Jurie Wessels: Exelent movie.

Simone Joseph: Extremely disappointing!

Henkie van Loggerenberg: Laughed a lot.

Maureen Watson: Great comedy.

Jared Taylor: The show rules and it's very funny.

Marlise Wessels: Excellent comedy and very relaxing!

Laetitia Loubser: Pretty good comedy.

Esti de Waal: Great movie for a party or to watch with your friends. Don't mess with Adam Sandler!

Robert Haynes: Number 2 - of the highest order - American toilet humour at it's nadir...Have fun listening to those flushing sounds...

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