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Notting Hill

My teeth are brighter than yours!
My teeth are brighter than yours!
A charming London bookstore owner has his life turned upside down, starting when a famous American film star pops in to buy a book. They meet again later and one thing leads to another - until her boyfriend arrives, and the press find out about them. Will their love conquer the tremendous obstacles?

123 minutes, All ages
Comedy, Romance, Drama

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Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans
Roger Michell
ScreenplayRichard Curtis
MusicTrevor Jones
Cinematography Michael Coulter
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999
Produced byWorking Title Films, Notting Hill Pictures, Bookshop Productions

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Visitor Ratings
Stuart Mann 14
Isma Manitsa 18
Leigh Samanek 16
Shane Eagar 16
Caroline Schlenk 18
Andre Swanepoel 10
Hannes Viljoen 18
Isobel Whitfield 16
Tania Coetzer 16
Chloe Snyders 12
David Wolffe 14
Jeandré Jonker 1
Jennifer Eburne 20
Dawie Olivier 20
Cathy Allen 18
Lee Bezuidenhout 18
Reese Finn 18
Kishore Deva 20
Angie Warmington 16
Chris Shao 14
Taryn Irving 20
Santelle Garces 20
Dawie Loots 19
Fouche Venter 16
Average .. 81%16
Visitor Comments
Ian Douglas: One of the better romantic comedies, sure to join the ranks of ''When Harry met Sally'' and ''Sleepless in Seattle''. The script is great -- very witty, and delivered with deadpan perfection by the two leads. They basically do a great job of playing themselves, leaving the supporting cast to provide the almost-over-the-top straight comedy. Move over, Meg and Tom, there's a new couple in town... Recommended. And the soundtrack's great too.

A Gerrizen: Witty and charming... good date movie.

Stuart Mann: A good movie if you can get around Hugh Grant being Hugh Grant. The script is really funny and the supporting cast really make the movie (look out for Constable Goody from TV's Thin Blue Line). All in all a good comedy - go watch this one with the girlfriend!

Isma Manitsa: Aaaahhh...

Leigh Samanek: I really enjoy Hugh's sense of humour and to me Julia Roberts just gets more beautiful with every movie. It was great!

Shane Eagar: Excellent.

Caroline Schlenk: Thoroughly enjoyed the move, could quite easily see it again !

Andre Swanepoel: Way over-rated.

Isobel Whitfield: Wouldn't have been the same with an all American cast. It's those British actors that made it!

Tania Coetzer: Excellent commedy.

Chloe Snyders: I enjoyed the humour involved in the movie but to me not much of a story line! Such a typical American love movie, even if it was set in London!

David Wolffe: I didn't expect any more from this movie than what it gave me. As usual, Robert's delivered her regular dose of commercially acceptable product, with Grant stammering and stuttering his way through the film - as was to be expected anyway. Excellent supporting cast. Not a bad Sunday evening out, but not the greatest romantic comedy of all time.

Jeandré Jonker: It's exceptionally romantic and touching.

Jennifer Eburne: There's everything from tears of laughter to tears of sadness. That roomate of his has no clue...he's hillarious. I can't wait to see it again.

Dawie Olivier: If you're looking for a good laugh and a very good plot, DON'T miss this excellent performances by Julia and Hugh.

Cathy Allen: It made me want to see another movie straight away. I love Julia Roberts' acting.

Reese Finn: A great feel-good movie, sweet, subtle (mostly anyway!) and funny. Watch it with a big group of your girlfriends - its so much more fun that way.

Angie Warmington: A sparkle in a barren field.

Taryn Irving: Brilliant, wonderful love story with brilliant actors!

Santelle Garces: Definately a great romance film. Great acting!

Dawie Loots: Movie of the year! Incredible acting, a good storyline, witty and touching! And a wonderful soundtrack! I hope there will be a sequel...

Notting Hill
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