Hello Brother

''Hello Brother'' revolves around Hero, a funloving and ambitious person with a zest for life who is employed in a courier company. He has had a lower class and orphaned upbringing but has never felt deprived of love due to his friends in the basti where he has been residing over the years.

Hero is very fond of Rani, a simple nursery teacher residing in the same basti and with whom he has grown up with. However, Rani looks upon Hero as only a dear friend and confidante. She finds her perfect guy in Vishal Singh, a top officer of the Delhi Narcotics Division, who is in Bombay following a transfer order to control the drug situation in Bombay. His case leads him to Khanna, the owner of the courier company who is using his company to shadow his illegal drug business. Since Hero has utmost respect for his boss and is oblivious of his notorious activities, he defends his boss when Vishal confronts him and thereby gets under Vishal's suspicion.
The film is from Bollywood, we regret the lack of overseas commentary.

135 minutes.
All ages .
Drama, Romance, Action

Prettiest brother I ever had...
Prettiest brother I ever had...


Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Johhny Lever, Niraj Vora, Razzak Khan
Sohail Khan
Sound formats
Made in1999

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

The Star
Nelandri Pillay

Average .. 50%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Vivek Prasad 20
Karuna Rambharos (26) 10

Average .. 75%


Visitor Comments

Jatin Vaghela: Bad film - only thing passable are the music sequences.

Vivek Prasad: Excellent comedy!

Karuna Rambharos (26): Movie had a good story but I did not like the way salman khan acted it does not suit him.

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