A woman starts seeing strange visions and bleeds profusely after receiving a sacred Brazilian gift. A doubting Catholic priest is dispatched by the Vatican to investigate a supposed miracle involving this atheistic woman who is seemingly touched by God.

110 minutes.
No persons under 13 (Violence) .
Horror, Thriller
These thorns are a pain in the neck...
These thorns are a pain in the neck...


Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Pryce, Nia Long, Portia de Rossi
Rupert Wainwright
ScreenplayTom Lazurus
MusicElia Cmiral, Billy Corgan, Mike Garson
CinematographyJeffrey L. Kimball
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Made in1999
Produced byFGM Entertainment

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Ian Douglas
Cape Argus
Derek Wilson
The Cape Times
Wilhelm Snyman
The Star
Janine Walker
Die Burger
Francois Smith
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Barry Ronge
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What the People say

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Average .. 50%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Vernon Song 14
Robert Haynes 18
Madeleine Shama 20
Garth Benson 18
vanessa govender 18
Heidi Corry 16
Heidi Zietsman (23)14
Guinevere Vos 16
Fouche Venter (15) 20
Tracy Thompson (16) 20
Emmerentia Chamberlain 14
Carina Jonker 20
Denise Murphy 20

Average .. 88%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: I think the scriptwriters had a good idea until Hollywood got hold of it and called in the CGI boys. I was sometimes confused as to whether the woman was inhabited by Jesus, the dead priest, or some demon. The film is likely to attract some controvesy.

Asishekar Bisseru: The movie is one of the best sci-fiction movies I have seen and the you can see that there is a story behind the movie.

Robert Haynes: Stunningly different Hollywood horror hokum with - yes !!! - a plot. Genuinely disturbing scenes are not lightened up by way of tacky one-liners or irritatingly shallow characters. Beautifully shot and edited like a Marilyn Manson music video - with class... One complaint only - the age restriction - sheesh if I had 13 year olds no way would they be allowed to watch something as sensitive and controversial as this. A must to see on the big screen - you'll thank me...

Madeleine Shama: Very good movie, don't expect to sleep afterwards!

Vanessa Govender: Excellent movie. Sat enthralled throughout the entire movie. Should release more of these kind of movies.

Heidi Corry: This is a very thought provoking movie. It is visually stunning and the cinematography is very well done. No matter which religion you follow, this movie is bound to leave you thinking...

Guinevere Vos (22): This was one of the best films I have ever seen - the film left me feeling good and it restores your faith in humanity.

Tracy Thompson (16): It was a great movie to get you to start thinking.

Emmerentia Chamberlain: This movie had a good and meaningful plot and people's reactions will be influenced by their religious perspectives. I was also confused in the beginning by the identity of the person who was posessing the woman. It's a pity Hollywood tried to present it as a horror - it is misleading.

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