The World is Not Enough

Feeling responsible for the death of a British oil tycoon and friend, who died in an explosion in MI6 headquarters, James Bond takes a position as bodyguard to the tycoon's daughter, Elektra... Expect the usual Bond fare, special effects, wisecracks, etc. and a very complicated plot.

128 minutes.
No persons under 13 (Violence) .
Action, Thriller
This is NOT a toupee!
This is NOT a toupee!


Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards, Robert Carlyle
Michael Apted
ScreenplayBruce Fernstein, Michael France
MusicDavid Arnold
CinematographyAdrian Biddle
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byUnited Artists, Danjaq Productions, Eon, MGM

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Derek Wilson
Cape Argus
Adrian Monteath
The Cape Times
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The Star
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Die Burger
Roline Norval
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge
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What the People say

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Average .. 63%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Alan Epstein 14
Belinda Burns 20
Guinevere Vos 12
Mic Francis 12
Morgan Commins 18
Mike Williams (34) 14
Shaun Myburg (21)16
Etienne Pieterse 20
Paresh Bhima 18
Robert Haynes 10
Mark Govender 16
Bruce Humphrey 10
Chris Shao (25) 19
Keith Forbes 6
Fouche Venter (15) 16
Vanessa Trewick 18
Vanessa Govender20
Carina Maritz (19) 16
Rishen Sukai18

Average .. 77%


Visitor Comments

Gareth Benson: Flowing movie but not done in the old James Bond way! But very good to look at and very flowing- good!

Alan Epstein: Brosnan assumes the bodyguard role for this latest instalment, he's starting to develop into the character and with one or two more appearances, the third meanigful impersonation of Bond will have developed into a persona somwhere in between Connery's stubbornly masculine arrogance and Moore's pompous Britishness. A bit of both but neither as good as his predecessors. The story is another variation of the traditional Bond skelton, a megalomaniac intent on controlling the world, or at least its oil pipe lines, but this time 007 is not on a mission to stop it happening (in fact the now defunct cold war spy service weren't even aware of the operation until almost too late)but to babysit a vulnerable women who's oil tycoon father (and good friend of M) has just been assainated. She ends up behind the operation as the baddie, together with her kidnapper and rapist of a few years back who she has fallen in love with, and ho has a bullet stuck in his head so he feels no pain. The dialogue has its usual witty cracks, though Brosnan still needs to work on delivery (it seems as if he's on stage talking to an audience every time he uses wit), and the action is as big as ever with all the usual gimmicks (although Brosnan might need some driving lessons so we can see him doing something with that BM before it gets destroyed.) It's with a touch of melencholy that Q introduces his successor and makes an exit that insinuates his immediate retirement. John Cleese seems a poor successor to the legacy of MR

Belinda Burns: The stunts outshined any other Bond film and the storyline was believable and well written.

Guinevere Vos: Not as good as Goldeneye. Effects and story line was enjoyable though.

Mic Francis: VERY complicated plot - after watching all those on ETV I kept hoping for an advertisment break to catch up what was going on! Robert Carlyle was excellent.

Morgan Commins: Well, I suppose I'm biased. Denise Richards was wet for the majority of the movie and this scores highly with me. A better Bond than the last Brosnan outing with no shortage of special effects. Brosnan did a great job, sad to see him go.

Shaun Myburg: Whether or not this is Pierce Brosnan's last outing the the world's most famous spy, it certainly will be with a bang. His third venture sees him tackling one of the most disturbing villians we have seen in the Bond films, played by Robert Carlyle in a far twist from his Full Monty character. With the usual beautiful women, action sequences and gadgets, this one gets my mark of approval and has me shouting 'one More Pierce!'

Etienne Pieterse (36): Great movie and fantastic stunts.

Paresh Bhima (24): Excellent movie. One of the best Bond movies. Did not see enough of the beemer z8!

Robert Haynes (25): Not too bad... I must have outgrown Bond somewhere down the line... bores me a little nowadays... mindless fun though... as long as you check your brain in at the door.

Mark Govender (25): Best Bond movie so far...

Bruce Humphrey (44): After the dramatic first 5 minutes you can leave and see another movie. I'm afraid the James Bond movies are starting to get stale and are in dire need of a shake-up. And Pierce Brosnan will never beat the looks of Sean Connery or the humour of Roger Moore!

Keith Forbes (24): Boring, cliche Bond movie. Ridiculous one-liners. Pathetic story. Some nice special effects and scenery.

Vanessa Trewick (37): An enjoyable romp down the lanes of international wheeler dealing. Pierce Brosnan's performance is difficult to fault, although the inevitable car seems to have been relegated to the rank of extra, instead of supporting role - a great pity. The villians are believable and well portrayed, while 007's scientific sidekick makes the plot considerably more believable. While it is acceptable for 007 to be fairly fluent in Russian, a more than working knowledge of nuclear physics may have been pushing the limits of credibility a little too far. I do hope that Mr Brosnan decides to give the world the benefit of further performances as Mr. Bond, a role which is beginning to fit him more and more comfortably.

Vanessa Govender (24): One of the best James Bond movies ever. Pierce Brosnan is the epitome of a gentleman spy. I would like to see the next James Bond top this one!

Rishen Sukai (22): Typical James Bond Movie. Wouldn't expect anything less.

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