End Of Days

A girl was chosen at birth 20 years ago and the Vatican has tried to locate her in order to protect her from the 'Evil One'.
Now, just a couple of days before the end of the millennium, the Catholic Church foretells a prophecy: He who has no name will rise, take the form of a man and mate with The Chosen One, who will bear his son and bring time to an end.
It has become the task of an ex-cop and high tech security specialist to protect the girl from the 'Evil One' and prevent certain members of the Vatican from killing her.

120 minutes.
No Persons Under 16 (Violence, Language) .
Action, Drama, Thriller
Being a handsome devil is just one of my good qualities!
Being a handsome devil is just one of my good qualities!


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak, Robin Tunney, CCh Pounder
Peter Hyams
ScreenplayAndrew W. Marlowe
MusicJohn Debney
CinematographyPeter Hyams
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byBeacon Pictures, Universal Pictures, Beacon Communications

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Scale (Max)20

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Ian Douglas
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Violet Jacobs
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Average .. 48%


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Shaun Myburg 16
Vanessa Govender 12
Waleed Gester12

Average .. 67%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: Immediately after watching this, I thought it was pretty good. However, when I went home and thought about all the holes in the plot, my evaluation dropped. Expect the usual Arnie fare of non-stop action and explosions all over the show.

Andre Mes (29): My first reaction to this film was the sadness in seeing that Arnold Schwarzenegger's career is flagging. The superstar of the 80's just doesn't quite fit into the 90s anymore. As far as mindless entertainment is concerned, END OF DAYS is loud, noisy, scary fun. But intellectually it falls short. Gabriel Byrne was brilliant - I found myself hating him!

Shaun Myburg (21): Dare I call this the perfect millenium movie? Yes I shall. Arnie is back in the best possible way, since Bruce Willis has the day, it's his turn to save the world. This film is more than an action film and is much deeper than a thriller. Mixing religion and action hardly ever works, ie Resurrection with Christopher Lambert, however this one comes up trumps. It is definitely going to take some flack from religous parties, however it is a stylish and clever film, with the usual Arnie one-liners. A superb performance by Gabriel Byrne as Satan... ironically he played a priest in his last film, Stigmata. This truly is the Millenium movie and welcome back Arnold!

Vanessa Govender (26): It was a great movie, except for all the holes in the plot. The actors were great, except for Gabriel Byrne whose acting was not the best.

Waleed Gester (21): It is a great movie. I enjoyed myself with this one. It's kind of scary too.

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