Idle Hands

A 17 year-old boy wakes up Halloween morning to discover - after watching some TV and perusing the contents of the fridge, oblivious to the pool of blood on the floor - that his parents have been turned into a couple of headless Halloween decorations.
He then realises after hanging out with his equally irresponsible friends that his right hand has a very bloodthirsty mind of its own and that it has become possessed by an obscure demon, as predicted by the old adage ''Idle hands do the devil's work''.

90 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Violence) .
Comedy, Horror
Oh no! there
Oh no! there's something happening to my hand!


Devon Sava, Seth Green, Eldin Ratliff, Jessica Alba
Rodman Flender
ScreenplayTerri Hughes, Ron Milbauer
MusicGraeme Revell
CinematographyChristopher Baffa
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byTriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Team Todd, Licht/Mueller Film Corporation

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Scale (Max)20

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Cape Argus
Gary Van Dyk
Die Burger
Francois Smith
SA City Life
Tony Jackman
TV3 Screenplay
Sandy Ngema
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Guinevere Vos 12
Daniel Macreadie 20
Danielle Rossi 18

Average .. 83%


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Shaun Myburg (21): Another one of those films that took forever to get here, but for a teen audience it should worth the wait. Devon Sawa, Jessica Alba and Seth Green head up the cast in this gem of a horror-comedy that holds no punches. A great soundtrack adds to this disgusting movie about a boy who's hand becomes possessed. If you get the chance, get this one on DVD which includes a great directors commentary. Look out for a very very brief guest appearance by Ricky Martin. Go see it!

Guinevere Vos (22): Real corny fun with very little intelligence.

Daniel Macreadie (15): This movie rocks!!!

Danielle Rossi 13: This movie is the best!!

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