The Boondock Saints

Two Irish brothers live and work in Boston. Feeling that God's will to rid Earth from all human Evil was given to them as a mission, they set out to do that divine deed.
There is no public outcry, and even the FBI agent, who follows their trail of bloodshed, admits that the boys are doing exactly what he secretly always has wished to happen. Risking their lives for their beliefs of truth and equality, the Boondock Saints are hyped by the public, for they are doing good, which only few dare to admit. Regret no overseas info available. The film has been compared to works by Tarantino.

106 minutes.
No persons under 18 (Violence, Language, Prejudice) .
Action, Comedy
Do you think he feels lucky?
Do you think he feels lucky?


Jeffrey R. Smith, Billy Connolly, Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery
Troy Duffy
ScreenplayTroy Duffy
MusicJean-Jacques Goldman, Roland Romanelli
CinematographyAdam Kane
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byFried Films, B.D.S. Productions Inc, Franchise Pictures, The Lloyd Segan Company


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Average .. 38%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Roger Pike16
Andre Gresse 20
Guinevere Vos14
Kobus Wolvaardt 14
Keith Forbes (24) 10
Greg Pentz (27)14
Sheri Gielink (19) 16
Leon Treurnich (31) 16
Bruce Gowar (21) 18
Brett Jackman (18) 18
Sara Rice (18) 20
Hilary Thompson (17) 18
Huldah Beasley (21) 20
Jason Blick (19) 20
Joe Jasiak (17) 20
Jenifer Wright (28)20
Lorisa DeWitt (18) 18
Fredrik Tveit (19) 20
Crystal Jody (17) 20
Jason Mills (20) 20
Terry Gamel (22) 20
Jonathan Hutson (17) 20
Chris Kieu (17) 20
Eirik Gulbranden (19) 20
Chris Mollo (22) 20
Amanda Slauenwhite (19) 18
Muphy Domhnal Morgan (24) 20
Conor Shields (18) 20
David Cannady (18) 20

Average .. 91%


Visitor Comments

Roger Pike (28): An excellent movie, with interesting use of flashbacks to scenes, and interlacing the past with present. William Dafoe, is great as the FBI agent. The humour is black.

Andre Gresse (28): If I could down more I would have. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The story-line is old and has been used a lot but the way it was laid out and portrayed is something totally new. The cast delivered a riveting performance and I believe if there was a big name like Keanu Reeves starring in it and hyped as much as for instance The Matrix it would be just as big a blockbuster. Also I am a big Tarantino fan but this movie is much better although in the same line as anything he has ever made. I recommend it to anyone.

Guinevere Vos (22): I really liked this film - it has a lot of humour and the filming was done very well. Pity it didn't get more coverage.

Kobus Wolvaardt (20): It's a bit cruel but I cannot help thinking we need them in South-Africa.

Keith Forbes (24): Mindless violence.

Sheri Gielink (19): Surprisingly refreshing plot and well scripted. Thumbs up!!

Leon Treurnich (31): It's unfair to compare this movie to Tarrantino, but it's the first thought that comes to mind when you're trying to explain what type of movie it is to a friend. That, and ''Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels''. However, that's not to say that it's not an original movie in it's own right - it certainly doesn't feel like a copy of something else. A very enjoyable ''feel good'' with lots of blood and humour.

Bruce Gowar (21): The action is tiresome.

Brett Jackman (18): The Fight scenes were brilliantly filmed, with great music cuts. The visual imagery coupled with the stirring classical music was amazing. The story was well rounded, however the character Rocko spoilt the movie. I believe he was an unnecessary character.

Sara Rice (18): The killers in this movie actually created credibility. The weren't your sterotypical bible beating, self-assigned martyrs. They made it real. I've seen Sean Patrick Flanery in three movies sofar and all of them have been good but this is the best yet.

Hilary Thompson (17): I was intrigued by the Irish men. They were pretty good looking as well!

Huldah Beasley (21): I loved this movie. The acting was superb and the religious symbolism inherent in the film was captivating. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Jason Blick (19): Entertaining storyline and excellent use of flashbacks.

Jenifer Wright (28): A perfect 10. This movie is brilliant. Incredible mix of humor, drama, and ethics... the casting on this movie was excellent, the script is outstanding....i can't give it enough praise! A+++++++

Gabi Garb (14): Excellent all in all. The actors portrayed the characters brilliantly. Personally I think they showed what these guys were doing as a good thing when it isn't. But I'd have to say it's on my list of favourites.

Lorisa DeWitt (18): After the movie ended I just sat stunned for an unknown time period. As soon as I completed the film I called my brother up (despite that it was midnight) and told him to come over and made him watch it with me as second time. I only wish that I would of been able to experience it in theatures but the only reason I rented it was because I saw Sean Patrick Flanery and thought ''Why not?''

Fredrik Tveit (19): This film is SO good, everything from the dialogs to the film shots.. it simply rocks!! I love it!!

Crystal Jody (17): This was a great movie. It has great action sequences remeniacent of ballet, but not overly cheesy. It has well developed characters and actors who do an excellent job portraying them. I think this movie should be in any action fan's collection. I can't give this movie high enough praise!

Jason Mills (20): I felt that this movie was well done, and am very sorry that it never hit main stream theatres in the States. This is the kind of creativity that I like to see in a movie, something completely different, and well written. All the pieces connected, every part was essential to the story.

Terry Gamel (22): I had a hard time watching it the first time through. It's very difficult to handle from a religious standpoint. Once you have seen the movie all the way through, however, you'll want to see it again.

Muphy Domhnal Morgan (24): I think this movie illustrates the decline of civilization and how to handle it. In essence, fighting fire with fire. Troy Duffy and co. did a wonderful job. Since it's writing was triggered by Duffy's witness of the harsh realities of the world, it gives it a feeling of hope. Really, when you think about it, the McManus brothers are acting as St. Patrick did in 1435. Expunging that which he deemed evil. Excellent film. One fo the best I've ever seen.

Conor Shields (18): Just a brilliant film, probably not a critical fave, but what do they know anyway. I'm not religious but this film may have my butt back in church.

David Cannady (18): This movie rates a hefty 10 with me. The intense action along with an intriguing plot give this movie the essentials for a memorable film.

Juan Bossicard (24): Well, what can I say. True love for film making, great acting, good action, positive subject, no unecessary violence, we just get the point. A great movie about religion, justice, seeking you path and the good of mankind... A lot for a movie, the first page of a bigger book.

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