Scream 3

Ho hum... more of the same. After all, why change a winning formula? Our heroine is once again back in action trying to help the police discover who is systematically killing off the cast of Stab 3, being filmed in Hollywood. Expect the usual red herrings, wisecracks, gore and creepy atmosphere.

116 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Violence, Language) .
Mystery, Horror, Thriller
Oh no! Not ANOTHER episode in this series!
Oh no! Not ANOTHER episode in this series!


David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Patrick Dempsey, Scott Foley
Wes Craven
ScreenplayEhren Kruger, based on the characters by Kevin Williamson
MusicMarco Beltrami
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2000
Produced byCraven-Maddalena Films, Konrad Pictures, Dimension Films

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Andrew Simpson 16
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Average .. 80%


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Ian Douglas: I had not seen the first two installments and so was rather lost for much of the movie, desperately trying to piece together the pieces of the ''back story'' from the clues and tidbits thrown at me. The film not only references itself, its genre, but also the two previous episodes extensively. The plot is a great example of ''Hollywood Logic'' at its finest, where things happen which make absolutely no sense, except to give you frights or mislead you. Throw in bits of supernatural nonsense and you end up with a gory, confusing mishmash, which I'm sure the teens will enjoy, as She grabs Him in terror...

Shaun Myburg (21): The Scream trilogy has totally changed the horror genre, and for the better. I saw the trilogy at Eastgate for the past three nights and totally got into the third one. Reuniting the surviving cast (and some dead ones :-)) plus the usual in-jokes and guest appearances this proves to be as good as the first two. There are the usuals twists and ''everyone's a suspect'' theory to keep you on edge, in what turns out to be riveting thriller. The only disappointing thing is that this one is not scripted by master writing Kevin Williamson, but those who don't notice won't really care. Go enjoy!!!!!

Andrew Simpson (17): They say that in this film all the rules are broken but I've never seen a more predictable film as this. You know who the killer is, 10 minutes into the film. Not as good as Scream but much better than Scream 2. It was very good but I hope that this is the final act.

Anita Prinsloo (16): Scary, if you've seen scream 1 & 2 you know what's going to happen next. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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