Battlefield Earth

Set around AD3000, after Earth has been colonised by an alien race (seemingly for 1000 years), and the humans are either slaves for the aliens, or living a subsistence existence in high-radiation areas. Our hero, a bright young man, is captured, but his intelligence and resistance get him noticed, so he is selected to help the baddie security chief mine some gold illegally. This gives him the opportunity to organise an uprising to rid Earth of the aliens.

121 minutes.
No persons under 10 (Violence) .
Action, Male conflict & bonding
That man-animal sure is uppity!
That man-animal sure is uppity!


John Travolta, Barry Pepper, Forest Whitaker, Kim Coates
Roger Christian
ScreenplayCorey Mandell, J. David Shapiro, from the novel by L. Ron Hubbard
MusicElia Cmiral
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2000
Produced byFranchise Entertainment, Morgan Creek Productions

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Ian Douglas
Cape Argus
Gary van Dyk
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What the People say

1303 Netizens

Average .. 24%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Elida Gillard 14
André Mes 4
Lynette Erlank 1
Paul Tootell 12
Nathan Roberts 1

Average .. 32%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: C-Grade junk. My vote for next year's ''Worst Movie'' Razzie award. There are two zeroes in the ratings below.

David Davies (31): WARNING!!! Don't see this movie because it has no story, bad acting and there was a waste of money making it.

Elida Gillard (27): Wow! Now that is entertainment! But do not analise this movie too much. Just sit back and enjoy the special effects and ''do not ever give up''-theme.

André Mes (30): What a load of crap! I usually love sci-fi, but this tosh bored me from start to finish. How could Travolta ever end up in this laughable cliched bull. It boggles the mind!

Lynette Erlank (32): What utter crap - an insult to anyone's intelligence! Worst movie I've seen in years!

Paul Tootell (24): Beginning was a bit shocking but turned out to be OK in the end (really).

Nathan Roberts (28): The novel is fantastic and inspired. This movie butchered it in so many ways. Where are the Scots? Fort Knox was specifically mentioned as not containing Gold. There were no other ''wild'' Americans other than Jonnie's own clan. It took Johnny over a year to learn Pchychlo math and technology. It took his Scottish recruits months to learn to fly Pschychlo mining planes. There were no Harrier jets in the book! Planes wouldn't fly after 1000 years of neglect. Nobody had to sacrifice their life to plant a bomb on Pchychlo. I've read dozens of reviews and these awful plot problems are what really riled most reviewers. If they had just stuck to the book it would have been another Stargate or better.

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