Second Skin

Elena knows that the cooling of her marriage isn't just temporary. Alberto, her husband, a young, respected aeronautics engineer, has half-opened a new door, and it looks as though he's decided to cross the threshold with someone new. Alberto doesn't aim to deceive - he's just disorientated. He loves his wife and child, but he senses that the passions which Diego inspires in him are more than just sexual. Diego, a surgeon in a private clinic, is a man incapable of double dealing or prejudice. He plunges into love at the cost of risking of his emotional and professional stability, just as his boss and friend Eva has warned him. An atmosphere of deceit, pain and mistrust starts to envelop the three lovers. A showdown is inevitable: a stormy breakup threatens. But Elena is not prepared just to give up. She looks at the situation and steels herself, taking comfort in another man's arms and coming out stronger for it. She wastes no time in laying her cards out on the table. And Alberto is transfixed between the two poles of love.
We regret the lack of foreign ratings. Spanish with English subtitles.

110 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Sex) .
Gay interest, On the Art Circuit
Was I *that* drunk last night?
Was I *that* drunk last night?


Jordi Mollà, Javier Bardem, Ariadna Gil, Cecelia Roth
Gerardo Vera
Sound formats
Made in1999

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Scale (Max)20

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The Cape Times
Julia Landau
The Star
Darryl Accone
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Barry Ronge
Total Film
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