Centre Stage

Kinda-like ''Fame'', we follow the fortunes of some young people at a famous American dance school. Three very different girls share a room, and they, along with everyone else, are competing for the limited number of places in the dance company. Throw young people together and romance blossoms, and in this case there are no less than three intersecting love triangles, to make things interesting.

115 minutes.
All ages .
Who shall I choose?....
Who shall I choose?....


Amanda Schull, Zoe Saldana, Victor Anthony, Susan May Pratt, Peter Gallagher, Donna Murphy
Nicholas Hynter
ScreenplayCarol Heikkinen
MusicGeorge Fenton
CinematographyGeoffrey Simpson
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2000
Produced byColumbia Pictures Corporation, Laurence Mark Productions

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Average .. 50%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Sulandi Venter 20
Wendy Mitchell 20
Jodi Rosenthal 16
Tamlyn Phelps 20
Kerri Hudson 20
Candice Mccoll 18
Melissa Kroukamp 16
Corneli Joubert 20
Patrick Tornow 20
Shelly Lindsay18
Kathleen Molto 20
Wilna Prinsloo 20
Renú Prinsloo 20
Dawn Graham 16
Denise Kong Pei Ling 18
Rachel Jacobs 20
Caitlin Parker (16)20
Yvette Knight (17) 20
Ashley Carter 20
Winnie Wu (11) 20
Denise Lotz (13) 20
Ashleigh Fred (13) 20

Average .. 96%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: The American critics slated this movie, I thought it was aimed squarely at the teen market and was above average for that market. Great to see ballet going in radical new directions too, which may upset some of the purists. Good dancing, good music.

Nicole Venter (11): The best movie of 2000 is Centre Stage.

Sulandi Venter (12): It is a very good movie.

Wendy Mitchell (22): Brilliant movie... One of those you could keep forever. It teaches a few lessons of including self acceptance, and the dancing is absolutely amazing.

Jodi Rosenthal (20): A 7 should do, but the 8 is for effort on behalf of the cast. The majority are dancers, not actors, yet they carry the movie gracefully. The dancing is spectactular: who would have expected Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai in a ballet!? I enjoyed the film immensely and it gave me that feel-good mood that is so hard to capture. A definite for anyone involved in the arts. The teenagers will like it and the rest will have spent a pleasant 2 hours.

Tamlyn Phelps (17): This was infact the most kiffest movie I have ever seen, it was brilliant and I've watched it three times and all I wanna do now is dance! Great story - it was absolutely fabulous and the dancing was superb!!!

Kerri Hudson (21): Fantastic film!

Corneli Joubert (17): I thought it was great! The movement was spectacular. If you love dancing you will fall in love with this movie.

Patrick Tornow: Excellent movie!!

Shelly Lindsay (28): Thought the film rocked me and my 10 year old's world, has the best ballet male soloist of the last few years in it -- Ethan Stiefel. Check it out just for him and the drop dead gorgeous Sasha Radetsky.

Wilna Prinsloo (39): Excellent movie!!

René Prinsloo (11): I think Center Stage is an outstanding movie and a type of movie you can watch again and again. I've watched the movie at least 10 to 12 times.

Dawn Graham (42): Never mind the teenagers - this was a great dance movie with new refreshing young actors/actresses. The dancing was superb and rivoting - some of the best ballet dancing my husband and I have ever seen. We saw the Bolshoi Ballet in 2000, but this beat even that. We need to see this type of performance on stage here in South Africa - it would really draw the crowds including the younger generation. American critics give good reviews on all the hardcore movies that are entering our homes and cinemas which are usually bloody and horrifying - yet they cannot see much in this movie that was a pleasure to the soul and mind!!!

Denise Kong Pei Ling (15): I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I've been taking Ballet classes for about 11 yrs, and I really enjoyed watching the movie!!

Rachel Jacobs (17): This was such a great movie, it had great dance work in it and at the same time told a love story.

Ashley Carter (18): It was a great movie it reminds me of how fun dancing is.

Winnie Wu (11): Let me tell you, this is the best movie I have ever seen. And I hope to be a student in your school, that's my dream scine I was young, I hope to be in the company, too.(like Joey in the movie!!!)

Denise Lotz (13): Really good, worth watching!!

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