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Breaker 1-9, come in dad... A time-travel based thriller, in which a cop and his dead father team up to catch a serial killer threatening the woman they share. A cop, depressed after his wife leaves him, plays around with his dad's ham radio, and by a quirk of nature, somehow connects to his dad, who died in a fire 30 years ago. Son tells dad how to avoid his death, which changes the past and has major repercussions for the present...

118 minutes, Parental Guidance.
Crime, Mystery, Drama, Thriller.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Jodi Rosenthal (20): No expectations usually result in a delightful experience and this is one of those times. Set in 1969 and 1999, my friend battled to follow the movie's plot and time changes. Then again, she was concentrating too hard AND she's not too bright. The film flows beautifully and however far-fetched the concpet might have been, I was riveted. Dennis Quaid was great and I do not hesitate to say that he carried the movie. His supporting cast of Jim Cavaziel and Elizabeth Mitchelln do a fine job. Not for everyone, but if you just relax, you'll enjoy some fine entertainment.

Guinevere Whelan (23): The suspense in this film nearly kills you. The story is well written and the casting of Cavaziel and Quaid as son and father was pure genius.

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