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Reindeer Games

Last one in is a rotten egg! You are in a complicated film, full of twisty turns... A car thief is released from jail, and impersonates his cell mate so that he can get off with the friend's pen pal. However, right after checking in to the motel, her violent brother appears, and our hero is forced into helping them rob a casino on Christmas eve. And then the plot twists come fast and furious...

105 minutes, No persons under 16 (Language, Violence).
Action, Sex, Thriller.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Ian Douglas: Reminded me of both "Best Laid Plans" and "Wild Things", if you have seen either, you will know what to expect. Designed to mislead and confuse, don't spend too much time analysing afterwards... As a thriller, it works okay. Required viewing for anyone wanting a good look at Charlize's breasts.

Naomi Aucamp (39): Not convincing.Expected MUCH more!!!!!!!

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