Chuck & Buck

Two boyhood friends meet after several years apart. The one who moved away is about to marry, while the other is stuck in some sort of time warp, an 11 year old boy in an adult body. He wants to continue the relationship they had when they were kids, even though it was somewhat homosexual and his friend has now moved past that stage. Unable to fathom the rejection, he ups and moves out west to be close to his friend, making a pest of himself. Deperate to get his view of the relationship across, he writes and stages a play which is a thin analogy for what he thinks happened between them.

96 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Language) .
Comedy, Drama, Gay interest, Male conflict & bonding, On the Art Circuit
Let's go play a game in the bedroom...


Mike White, Chris Weitz, Lupe Ontiveros, Beth Colt
Miguel Arteta
ScreenplayMike White
MusicJoseph Julián González, Gregory 'Smokey' Hormel, Tony Maxwell, Gwendolyn Sanford, Joey Waronker
CinematographyChuy Chávez
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2000
Produced byBlow Up Pictures, Flan de Coco Films, Toga Productions

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Scale (Max)20

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Derek Wilson
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Ian Douglas: I see my rating is very different from the American critics. The subtext, to me anyway, was that all men are basically gay, or; once a gay, always a gay. Other reviewers did not pick up on this at all. The film also explores how difficult it is to deal with people that you don't want to hurt, but who are making a real nuisance of themselves. The film will appeal more to the art crowd, as opposed to Chocolat which should find a wider audience.

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