Raaz / Ragasiyam

This Bollywood take on ''What Lies Beneath'' is available in two versions: as ''Raaz'' with a Hindi soundtrack, and as ''Ragasiyam'' with a Tamil soundtrack. A young couple with marital problems decide to go back to the place they first met, in an attempt to resolve their issues. However, their new house turns out to be haunted, but only the wife can see the apparition. As time goes by, she discovers the link between the hauntings and their marriage...
We regret the lack of overseas ratings.

180 minutes.
Parental Guidance .
Mystery, Thriller


All these languages are so confusing!
All these languages are so confusing!


Dino Moreo, Bipasha Basu
Vikram Bhatt
MusicNadeem Shravan
SoundtrackNot available
Made in2002
Produced byTips Films

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