The Secret

This French film focuses on an extra-marital affair. A 35-years old woman has been happily married for twelve years and has a 2-year old child. Her husband would like another, but she is not sure. One day, while selling encyclopaedias door-to-door, she meets a fifty year old African American who doesn't speak French. He lives alone in a villa and never seems to go out at all. Their first encounter is difficult and she feels offended at first, then intrigued by this man. Little by little, she begins to enjoy their conversations, coming up with excuses to prolong them. And one day she loosens up and takes more and more pleasure in talking about herself....
French with English subtitles.

107 minutes.
No persons under 18 (Sex, Nudity) .
Drama, Romance


Annie Coesens, Michael Bompoil, Tony Todd, Quentin Rossi
Virginie Wagon
ScreenplayVirginie Wagon, Erick Zonca
MusicMark McDuff
CinematographyJean-Marc Fabre
Sound formatsDolby SR
Made in2000
Produced byA consortium of French companies


Scale (Max)20

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66 Netizens

Average .. 70%


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