Cosmic Africa

This South African documentary seeks to explore Africa's ancient ties with the oldest science, astronomy. It follows the adventure of a young local astronomer as he visits three very different regions in Africa, to explore their local knowledge about the cosmos. He visits the San in the Kalahari, the Dogon in West Africa, and a site in Egypt.

75 minutes.
Parental Guidance .
Where are those darn UFOs tonight?...
Where are those darn UFOs tonight?...


Thebe Medupe
Craig Foster, Damon Foster
ScreenplayPaul Alexander, Kim Fuller
MusicJim Meacock
CinematographyCraig Foster, Damon Foster
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2003
Produced byCosmos Studios, Industrial Development Corporation, Aland Pictures


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

The Moviesite
Ian Douglas
Cape Argus
Aldrin Naidu
The Cape Times
Sergio Ben
The Star
Tanya Farber
Die Burger
Gabriël Botma
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge

Average .. 54%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: On the plus side, there are numerous stunning visual scenes, as well as a look at some interesting cultures. On the down side, I felt the film failed in it's stated objective, of exploring ancient knowledge of the stars. In many cases, it was a case of science trying to come to terms with mumbo-jumbo and myth, rather than exploring scientific knowledge. I also thought it odd that he went to the Dogon, but did not explore the story about them knowing things about the Pleiades before modern science did. (Google for pleiades dogon for more on this). As such, with the concentration on culture and myth rather than knowledge, I left somewhat disappointed.

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