Men with Brooms

Yet another bunch-of-underdog-losers take on the champions and win sports movie, this time set in the world of curling. Curling is a winter sport where you hurl special rocks around the ice. After their coach dies and wants his ashes placed in a curling stone so that his team can win the championship, the bunch of misfits with their assorted hangups and social problems get together and build a winning team.
Note: some of the humour is pretty gross.

102 minutes.
No persons under 13 (Language, Sex) .
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Mmm.. no buffalo around here....
Mmm.. no buffalo around here....


Paul Gross, Connor Price, Leslie Nielsen, Kari Matchett, Molly Parker, Michelle Nolden, Peter Outerbridge
Paul Gross
ScreenplayPaul Gross, John Krizanc, Paul Quarrington
MusicPaul Gross, Jack Lenz, The Tragically Hip
CinematographyThom Best
Sound formatsDolby Digital
Made in2002
Produced bySerendipity Point Films, Whizbang Films Inc.

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