Born into Struggle

This film takes a look at life in exile for a dissident South African family. Dad, labelled a 'dangerous communist' fled South Africa for England in 1963, leaving his pregnant wife behind. She and her newborn son joined him a few months later, and they struggled to make a life in England. As the years went past the family suffered, including from the effects of alcohol and drugs. Son and dad returned to SA in 1990 to start working on the New South Africa.

75 minutes.
Mature Accompaniment under 10 (Language).
Drama, On the Art Circuit.
Almost warm enough for a braai!
Almost warm enough for a braai!


The Desai Family
Rehad Desai
ScreenplayRehad Desai
MusicRichard Hartley
CinematographyPeter Levy
Sound formatsDolby Digital
Made in2005
Produced byHD Vision Studios, Home Box Office, BBC Films, Company Pictures, DeMann Filmed Entertainment, Labrador Films


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Yunus Kemp
The Cape Times
Peter Tromp
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge

Average .. 58%


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