Bachke Rehna Re Baba

This appears to be Bollywood's version of the Susan Sarandon / Jennifer Love Hewitt rom-com, Heartbreakers. Two sexy woman, one young and one older, specialise in seducing men into marriage, followed shortly thereafter by hefty divorce settlements. The prime rule is that they can not fall in love with their victims. Naturally, rules are made to be broken, which leads to complications... In Hindi language with English subtitles.

130 minutes.
All ages.
Comedy, Romance.
Tempting, aren
Tempting, aren't I?....


Rekha, Mallika Sherawat, Paresh Rawal, Satish Shah, Kurush Deboo
Govind Menon
ScreenplaySimon Kinberg
MusicAnu Malik
CinematographyThomas A. Xavier
Sound formatsDolby Digital
Made in2005
Produced byBSK Entertainment Ltd., Sahara One Motion Pictures

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