The Killer

A Bollywood remake of the Tom Cruise / Jamie Foxx thriller ''Collateral''. Set in Dubai, a cab driver is madly in love with a bar dancer, and would do anything for her. One night, he picks up a passenger who hires his taxi for the whole night. The passenger is an assassin, in Dubai to kill five people. The more the hapless taxi driver tries to exricate himself from his predicament, the more he realises that he is trapped until the killings are over. In Hindi language with English subtitles.

Action, Crime.
Take that! for ripping off Tom Cruise!
Take that! for ripping off Tom Cruise!


Irrfan Khan, Emran Hashmi, Nisha Kothari
Hasnain S. Hyderabadwala, Raksha Mistry
MusicSajid, Wajid
Sound formats
Made in2006
Produced byVishesh Films

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Scale (Max)20

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Taran Adarsh

Average .. 40%


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