This is in some ways a Bollywood twist on Casablanca. A bitter young man, unloved his whole life, is working for a gang leader. The boss assigns him to look after his secret girlfriend. When the two meet, our hero is smitten, and the woman plays him along, letting him think that she likes him. He compares her to a woman he had loved previously. Unfortunately, she has a secret lover and is planning to escape. This puts the bodyguard in a difficult position: does he remain loyal to his boss and inform him, or does he let the woman he loves escape to freedom with her lover?

Drama, Romance.
If only you were mine...
If only you were mine...


Emraan Hashmi, Rehan Khan, Mrinalini Sharma, Shreya Saran
Mohit Suri
MusicPritam Chakraborty
Sound formats
Made in2007
Produced byVishesh Films

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