Oil on Water

There is no way to keep out the intruders in your mind. They are always present. Always there. Always.

This SA movie is the story about a young creative couple, whose life together begins to spiral out of control when he starts experiencing strange symptoms that he can't explain to himself, or share with her. When she first meets him, she is a young journalist and he is an intriguingly and slightly eccentric artist. She falls in love with him, and abandons herself, in trust, to a future with him. Bound by love and art, she is at first confused, and then increasingly desperate when he begins an emotional withdrawal from her and the life they have shared up until this time. When he begins to act in other strange and often bizarre ways, it leads to her utter despair and to her having to confront her fear that their relationship will not survive the change, or that she will be able to reconnect with him again. She moves from being a woman content with the way things are, to utter hopelessness in the face of incomprehensible change. And then to a deep sense of loss of her life and everything that she knows.

109 minutes.
Parental Guidance.
Art has it
Art has it's fringe benefits...


Biana Lishansky, St. John Alexander, Tyler Bizzell, Greg Bright, Neil Coppen, Elle Matthews
Peter Matthews
ScreenplayElle Matthews
MusicStuart Scott
CinematographyEran Tahor
EditingPeter Matthews
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2007
Produced byTidal Wave Productions

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Film and Publications Board (FPB) Report (SA)

LanguageMild and frequent
Drug abuseNone
CommentsMildly mature themes, suicide, some blood.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus / The Star
Debashine Thangevelo quote iconArty offering difficult to swallow.
Mail & Guardian
Shaun de Waal

Average .. 33%


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