Bustin' Down the Door

In 1975 a group of young surfers revolutionized their sport. This is their untold story.

Bustin' Down the Door
This documentary chronicles the birth of the professional surfing circuit. A group of young surfers, including South African Shaun Tomson, got together in Hawaii in 1975 to launch surfing as a professional sport. The film features interviews with and footage of these remarkable young men.

Documentary, Sports.
Life on the ocean wave...
Life on the ocean wave...


Wayne Bartholomew, Ian Cairns, Tom Curren, Mark Richards, Kelly Slater, Shaun Tomson, Peter Townend. Narrated by Edward Norton
Jeremy Gosch
ScreenplayJeremy Gosch, Monika Gosch, Phil Jarratt, Robert Traill
MusicStuart Michael Thomas
CinematographyGary Rohan
EditingDanny Bresnik
Sound formats
Made in2008
Produced byFresh & Smoked

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Cape Argus / The Star
Theresa Smith
The Citizen
Natalie Bosman

Average .. 78%



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