Kismat Konnection

Kismat Konnection
This Bollywood rom-com seems to borrow a few ideas from two Meg Ryan movies: When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail. A promising young man hits continual failure in his bid to get ahead in life. In desperation, he consults a numerologist, who advises him that needs some help from Lady Luck to make his life work. He then notices that each time he accidentally bumps into a certain young lady, things go right for him. So he concludes that she is his lucky charm. Only two problems... she works at an old citizen's hospital, which his company wants to replace with a shopping mall, and she's about to get married in a few days time. He realises that he is in love with her, and that she holds the key to his future success... but what can he do?

152 minutes.
Comedy, Musical, Romance, Bollywood.
You really know how to charm....
You really know how to charm....


Shahid Kapur, Vidya Balan, Haidar Ali, Vishal Malhotra, Om Puri, Juhi Chawla
Aziz Mirza
ScreenplaySanjay Chel
CinematographyBinod Pradhan
EditingAmitabh Shukla
Sound formats
Made in2008
Produced byTips Films Pvt. Ltd.

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