The Living Forest

The Living Forest
This award-winning Spanish animated movie from 2001 finally gets a cinema release here. Except when there's people around, the mysterious woods of Cecebre resound with the conversation of the various animals and trees. But men plant what seems a leafless tree, actually a telephone pole, which also sprouts a mouth but speaks like his human makers. A scientist decides to catch a mole his research, but his bossy wife takes it and wants more to make fur-coats. Luckily the mole's lover escapes, learns the truth from the trees and sets out to rescue his girlfriend in the human world, where everything natural is abused...

83 minutes.
Parental Guidance.
Animated, Family, Fantasy.
It's time to go!


Voices of Nacho Aldeguer, Mar Bordallo, Claudio Rodriquez, Juan Miguel Cuesta
Ángel del la Cruz, Manolo Gómez
ScreenplayÁngel del la Cruz, Wenceslao Fernández Flórez
MusicSergio Pena Castro, Arturo B. Kress
EditingMercedes Arcones, Ángel del la Cruz, David López
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2001
Produced byDygra Films S.L., Megatrix Sau

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