The Sanctuary

It's one man's mission to protect the world!

The Sanctuary
A Thai action movie. Long ago, some thieves tried to steal some National Treasures from Thailand. They were caught, but not before burying the items. Now, a young couple is hired to find them, but the local mafia is also after them, and they must use all their ingenuity and skill to beat the baddies and recover the priceless relics. Expect plenty of martial arts action, it appears to be Thai kick-boxing based.

83 minutes.
Mature Accompaniment under 13 (Violence).
Time for another kung-fu dance...
Time for another kung-fu dance...


Michael B., Russell Wong, Intira Jaroenpura, Patharawarin Timkul, Erik Markus Schuetz, Winston Sefu, Lak-Jhet Waslikachart
Thanapon Maliwan
ScreenplayAnuwat Kaewsopark, Thanapon Maliwan
MusicTuomas Kantelinen, Thai Team
CinematographyArnon Chunprasert
EditingSombat Thepkumdee
Sound formats
Made in2009
Produced byFilm Frame Productions, Pachpunna Productions, Action Slate Films

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Scale (Max)20

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137 Netizens quote iconOkay low budget action - don't expect ONG BAK!

Average .. 55%



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