Die Laaste Tango

Die dans van haar lewe. Hy dans met die dood.

Die Laaste Tango
Noted crime thriller author Deon Meyer makes his directorial debut with a self-penned script. The story revolves around a 34-year old, workaholic detective who is burnt out, having immersed himself in an investigation involving the ruthless murder of nine girls. He managed to capture the killer, but his emotions get the better of him, possibly jeopardising the trial. His boss sends him away to cool down, and he ends up in a small town in the middle of the Karoo. Here, he meets a passionate and beautiful woman who is dying of cancer. His only goal is to fight boredom until he is allowed to resume his detective duties, while her dying wish is to dance one last tango before her life is over. He reluctantly agrees to help her fulfill her dream, and in so doing so, realises his own need for healing and inner peace. While they fall in love, the murderer wakes from his sedation and puts his plan for revenge into motion. In Afrikaans language with English subtitles.

110 minutes.
No persons under 13 (Language, Violence).
Crime, Drama, Thriller.
The three stooges
The three stooges


Louw Venter, Antoinette Louw, Marius Weyers, Stian Bam, Ilse Oppelt, Heino Schmidtt
Deon Meyer
ScreenplayDeon Meyer
MusicGeo Hoehn, Karien De Waal, Anton Goosen, Lize Beek
CinematographyWill Collinson
EditingRonelle Loots
Sound formats
Made in2013
Produced byWelela Studios

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus / The Star
Theresa Smith quote iconStrong performances enhance Meyer plot.
Die Burger
Laetitia Pople quote iconMeyer beïndruk ook as regisseur.
Cape Times
Steyn du Toit quote iconEnsemble cast deliver laughs, evoke feelings of utter disgust, and get the viewer's adrenal glands working overtime.

Average .. 67%



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