A young woman is travelling on the highway with her boyfriend when she is abducted. When her captors realise who she is, they abandon their plans to hold her for ransom, since that will invite disaster. As the days pass, a bond starts to develop between the woman and her captor. The road is changing them. In Hindi language with English subtitles.

133 minutes.
Drama, Romance, Bollywood.
I feel like robbing a bank or something ...
I feel like robbing a bank or something ...


Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda, Durgesh Kumar, Pradeep Nagar, Saharsh Kumar Shukla
Imtiaz Ali
ScreenplayImtiaz Ali
MusicA.R. Rahman
CinematographyAnil Mehta
EditingAarti Bajaj
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, Datasat
Made in2014
Produced byWindow Seat Films

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