Nanak Shah Fakir

'Ek Onkar' (There's but one God)

Nanak Shah Fakir
This film is about the life and teachings of the first Sikh guru, Gurua Nanak Dev Ji. Born in 1469 A.D. Nanak traveled the world to spread the essence of 'Ik Onkar' (there's but One God) as a philosophy and way of life. A philosophy that has survived and risen above the flux of conflict and time, impacting over 50 million followers worldwide. The film has attracted controversy over claims of idolatry, as well as for being in Hindi language. The role of the guru was computer-generated.

Drama, Religious, Bollywood.
Wise men from the east.
Wise men from the east.


Arif Zakaria, Puneet Sikka, Adil Hussain, Tom Alter, Shraddha Kaul
Sartaj Singh Pannu
ScreenplaySagar Sarhaddi
MusicUttam Singh, Tuomas Kantelinen
EditingArchit Rastogi
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, Datasat
Made in2015
Produced byGurbani Media

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