Bin Roye

Bin Roye
A hopelessly romantic young woman is driven to obsession by her intense feelings for the man of her dreams. He decides to study abroad, and while in the USA, he meets and falls for another woman. Meanwhile, back at home, the young woman desperately longs for his return. In a twist of events, the other woman ends up in Pakistan and the two women meet, and discover that they are sisters Their friendship grows deeper each day, until the man declares confesses his love for the sister. What follows is a tragic story of regret, remorse and reunion, and a beautiful tale about how love can often bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in us. In Urdu language with English subtitles.

Drama, Romance, Lollywood.
We'll always have Karachi...


Zeba Bakhtiar, Adeel Hussain, Ameena Rana Khan, Jahanzeb Khan, Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Javed Sheikh
Momina Duraid
ScreenplayFarhat Ishtiaq
MusicShiraz Uppal, Sahir Ali Bagga, Waqar Ali
CinematographyFarhan Alam
Sound formats
Made in2015
Produced byMD Films

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