Room (H)ates

Life after separation is the hard part.

Room (H)ates
A couple divorce, and the husband realizes that his financial situation does not allow him to afford a place of his own. Luckily he remembers that he owns 20% of his ex-wife’s house. So he returns to live with her, in his 20%. The two will now discover the joys of being forced house-mates. In French language with English subtitles.

97 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Language, Sex, Nudity, Drug abuse).
Comedy, On the art circuit


This is my new boy toy.
This is my new boy toy.


Gilles Lellouche, Louise Bourgoin, Manu Payet, Marilou Berry, Julien Boisselier, Nicole Calfan, Adèle Castillon
Dominique Farrugia
ScreenplayDominique Farrugia, Laurent Turner
MusicJulien Jaouen
CinematographyRémy Chevrin
EditingMaryline Monthieux
Sound formatsUnknown
SoundtrackNot available
Made in2017
Produced byEuropaCorp, TF1 Films Production, Canal+, Ciné+, TMC, NT1

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Film and Publications Board (FPB) Report (SA)

LanguageStrong impact, frequent with sexual innuendos. The language use is mostly out of frustration and expression.
NudityMild impact brief scene and is non-sexual.
SexNone (sic)
ViolenceBrief and of a low impact.
Drug abuseNone (sic)
CommentsThe material contains complex and mature themes of a family undergoing separation, divorce, jealousy, betrayal, revenge, unity, loyalty, family cohesion, friendships, going through adversity, being homeless, being down and out, infidelity, living as room-mates, arguments, saving a marriage, forgiveness and reconciliation.Themes of a couple going through divorce are of an adult nature and have negative psychological effects on children in the film and may be inappropriate, harmful and disturbing for the cognitive development of children under 16. The film ends with positive resolutions as the divorced couple reunite but the build-up of the plot that leads to the unity of the two will have negative psychological effects for children under 16.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.


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