Billionaire Boys Club

Young. Handsome. And Cunning.

Billionaire Boys Club
A remake of the 1987 film about Joe Hunt, who recruited wealthy young men with the promise of making millions. One complicated scheme led to another as the losses piled up, until some of the group decide to take direct action before things spiral completely out of control. This version had a disastrous first day in the US, making only $126 from a handful of cinemas, with the poor figures blamed on Spacey’s presence.

108 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Language, Sex, Violence, Drug abuse).
Biographical, Drama, Thriller.
Colour us sceptical.
Colour us sceptical.


Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Taron Egerton, Emma Roberts, Ryan Rottman, Jeremy Irvine, Thomas Cocquerel, Bokeem Woodbine
James Cox
ScreenplayJames Cox, Captain Mauzner
MusicJoel J. Richard
CinematographyJames M. Muro
EditingGlen Scantlebury, Amy Collier
Made in2018
Produced byArmory Films, Oriah Entertainment

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Film and Publications Board (FPB) Report (SA)

LanguageStrong impact crude language occurs frequently within the context of swearing; to express anger, happiness and frustration; and as insults.
NudityInfrequent low impact nakedness was noted with a partial revelation of breasts through transparent clothing.
SexNone (sic)
ViolenceViolence occurs fairly frequently and is of a moderate to strong impact, resulting in noticeable injuries and blood-letting within the context of murder.
Drug abuseNone (sic)
CommentsThe biographical drama thriller Billionaire Boys Club explores themes of betrayal, lies, deceit, fraud, self-interest and -preservation at all costs, lifestyles of rich kids, con artists, murder, pretence, trying to fit in, friendship, risky investments, corruption and spending money you don't really possess. Themes, and the narrative about the BBC's complex business model, are complex and mature and likely to be confusing for cognitively immature viewers, and quite difficult to grasp. Themes dealing with pretence, shady investment deals, lying, betrayal, deception and selfishness may also be morally misleading to viewers under the age of 16 years who are still developing an independent moral system and values, as they may walk away with the message that wealth and success can only be achieved through deception, corruption and dishonesty. Younger teenagers are particularly at risk for being influenced by morally misleading messages, as they are highly susceptible to media influences. This risk is intensified as the young protagonists are portrayed as attractive and (at least initially successful) anti-heroes. There is a sense of threat and menace as contained in the murders and concealment of the bodies, based on true events, which may be upsetting and disturbing to viewers under 16 years.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.

USA MPAA rating

R: RestrictedRated R for language throughout, drug use, some violence and sexual content
USA version is usually but not always the same as South African release. Versions released on streaming or DVD, Blu-ray or Video may also differ.


Scale (Max)20

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Die Burger
Herschelle Benjamin quote iconSpacey se jongste fliek ver van kol.
Alex Isaacs quote iconThis Wolf of Wall Street-like film has all the right elements to be a fantastic film: a well-versed director, a complex true-story and a stellar cast, but it squanders it. It takes all that great potential and turns it into glossy montages, soulless speeches about aspiring to be successful purely by having money and moments that seemed designed to made into gifs about being rich.
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