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Newsletter and jokes: 12 October 2018

Hi all

Well A Star Is Born hits the screens today and is set to do well, having
found favour with critics and public alike overseas, and even getting
mentioned with the "O" word: ... Oscar. So go enjoy :-)

It's joined on ciruit by a new local gal-friendly comedy, Baby Mamas, while
we start warming up for Halloween with Hell Fest, which is not going to 
ever be in the same sentence as Oscar ....

Lastly the Indian subcontinent has two offerings, one being their version
of Life of the Party, and the other a more sedate romantic dramedy.

On the previews side, there are some previews on Saturday night for 
Halloween (the movie), and next Wednesday for the highly-rated American 
urban drama The Hate U Give (which I suspect is going to be there when the 
Oscar noms come out). 
Lastly Peppermint is screening this week in Lusaka, ahead of its opening 

Enjoy :-)

Releasing 12 October 2018

* A Star is Born (16 LSD)
* Baby Mamas (13 SVD)
* Hell Fest (16 LVH)
* Hellicopter Eela (Hindi)
* '96 (Tamil) 

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Cheers, Ian


My 10-year-old son Jonathan had an exhausting day but still had some
homework left to finish.

Sighing, he muttered, “Now I know how the iPad feels when I make it work at
one per cent battery.”


Bedtime conversation with my five-year-old son Daniel:
Daniel: Mamma, I know that when someone loves someone, they get married. 
Me (preparing myself for a lecture on gender): Or not ...
Daniel (crestfallen): Oh. Why not? 
Me: Loving someone is always OK. Sometimes it’s not needed or possible to 
get married to be with someone you love.
Daniel: Does that mean that a T-rex cannot marry a triceratops? 


My father is a great lawyer - which means every time I was hurt 
by something that he said, I was the one who ended up saying sorry.


A lady to an orthopaedic doctor: 
“My husband is suffering from servile spondylosis.”
Doctor: “You mean cervical spondylosis.”
Lady: “No, it’s servile spondylosis caused due to constant bending 
before his bosses.”


I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game of Monopoly.

I was playing chess with my friend, and he said, “Let’s make this interesting.” 
So we stopped playing chess.

Hi, ambulance? I think I’ve swallowed three Scrabble tiles. 
Just an FYI.


A poodle and a collie are walking down the street when the poodle 
confides to his friend. “My life is a mess. My owner is mean, my girl-
friend is having an affair with a German shepherd and I’m as nervous as a 

“Why don’t you go see a psychiatrist,” suggests the collie. 

“I can’t,” says the poodle. “I’m not allowed on the couch.”


There's a guy in town who walks around talking to himself using 
only figurative language. 
We call him the Village Idiom. 

Autocorrect can go straight to he’ll. 

Will I understand the sisteen chapel if I have not seen chapels one 
through fisteen? 

Baby MamasHell FestA Star Is BornHelicopter Eela'96
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