Anonymity is the enemy.

Futuristic writer/director Andrew Niccol returns with another warning about the kind of society that we are allowing governments to build. Set in a world where permanent surveillance has gone beyond Orwell’s 1984, to where everyone’s daily life events are permanently stored in real time on a central database, where you, or anyone you give permission to, can access them. Naturally certain members of law enforcement have unrestricted access to everyone’s files. When people start getting murdered in a curious way, with the killer remaining anonymous by giving the victims the killer’s point of view, the police investigate and are soon caught up in a twisty plot to try and catch the killer.

100 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Language, Sex, Nudity, Violence, Drug abuse).
Crime, Detective/Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Men are so easy to manipulate ...
Men are so easy to manipulate ...


Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfried, Colm Feore,
Andrew Niccol
ScreenplayAndrew Niccol
MusicChristophe Beck
CinematographyAmir Mokri
EditingAlex Rodríguez
Made in2018
Produced byK5 Film, K5 International, K5 Media Group

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Film and Publications Board (FPB) Report (SA)

GenreSci-fi thriller
LanguageFairly frequent strong impact swearing.
NudityFairly frequent moderate impact, including sexual contexts, but no genitals.
SexNone (sic)
ViolenceFrequent moderate to strong impact violence, within the action thriller genre context.
Drug abuseNone (sic)
CommentsContains scenes of simulated sex, cocaine use and smoking. The action sci-fi thriller “Anon” explores strong impact themes of murder, crime, investigation, undercover operations, mental hacking, artificial intelligence, memories being erased, past and present, relationships, technological advances, science fiction, surveillance, illusion, invasion of privacy and guilt. Themes are presented within the context of a futuristic context involving a highly technological and computerised world. These themes are complex and mature and some, including those dealing with complex technological advances, murder and undercover police work, may be confusing to cognitively immature children under 16 years. Pro-social messages about fighting for what you believe is right, solving crimes and looking for the truth, justice prevailing and raising awareness about privacy issues in an era of highly developed technology, are presented in a complex manner, which is likely to be of more benefit to cognitively and morally mature viewers of 16 years and older, than for younger viewers who may have trouble comprehending it.Some of the themes, such as those dealing with murder and crime are inappropriate for cognitively and morally immature viewers under the age of 16 years who may be disturbed, upset or morally misled by it. This particularly given elements such as nudity in sexual contexts and simulated sexual conduct, which may also prematurely expose children under the age of 16 years to adult experiences. Themes are also presented with a sense of threat and menace, for example those relating to the threat of an unseen murderer on the loose and involving violence and distortions of reality, underscored by suspenseful music and disorientating visual effects, intensified by the enhanced audio-visual effects of the cinematic format.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.

CommonSenseMedia Report (USA)

Suggested age limit
17 +
Positive messages
Positive role models
Drinking, drugs, smoking


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say
Ethan van Diemen quote iconFrom the guy who brought us Gattaca and was a writer on The Truman Show, it is sad to see what should have been a great movie, with evident ambition, reduced to something you really don’t need to watch.
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Rottentomatoes critics
46 critics
Rottentomatoes tomatometer
Tomatometer quote iconLacking enough depth to fulfill its evident ambitions or enough excitement to work as a sci-fi action thriller, Anon lives down to its title in the most glumly predictable ways.
Brian Costello quote iconViolent sci-fi thriller has sex, cursing.

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