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Newsletter and jokes: 28 December 2018

Hi all

And so the year finally draws to a close ... I think it's been a rather 
tough year in many respects, not just here but globally. One can only hope
that 2019 will be better.

This week has a relatively small line-up, headlined of course by Disney's
long-overdue sequel to Mary Poppins. It opened at #2 in the US last 
weekend, behind Aquaman and ahead of Bumblebee, so we'll have to see how
it does against those two locally. Aquaman had a very good debut here and
might hold the top spot for another week.

The other wide release, (yet another) remake of the Robin Hood story, 
failed to impress the critics, and audience reception was rather middling,
so I'm not expecting fireworks from this release.

Both Mary and Robin are releasing in 4DX as well, but note that these are
both 2D and not 3D. You just get all the other 4DX experiences.

On the art-house-and-related circuit, Julia Roberts seems to be moving more
to arthouse releases in keeping with the lack of commercial roles for women
of her age. Ben is Back examines the tough topic of a mother's love for a 
problem adult child, something which is a rather widespread problem 

India has one new release this week, the crime thriller Simmba.

On the previews side, there are previews at selected venues all day 
Saturday for the upcoming kiddies animated film Luis & the Aliens. See the 
previews page and remember to book :-)

Take care over New Year... especially on the roads.

Enjoy :-)

Releasing 28 December 2018

* Mary Poppins Returns (PG V)
* Mary Poppins Returns (IMAX) (PG V)
* Mary Poppins Returns (4DX) (PG V)
* Robin Hood (16 LV)
* Robin Hood (4DX) (16 LV)
* Ben Is Back (13 LD)
* Simmba 

Forthcoming attractions

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This Week's pinup (Full HD wallpaper ...)

Pick of the Week 

All the previews. Remember to check with the cinema first.

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Top Twenty, Best and Worst Movies by Critical Rating.

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Cheers, Ian


My mother and father were driving when she was pulled over by the police. 
Mom was in a hurry and told the officer so.

“I understand, ma’am,” he said. “But I have to ticket anyone over 60.”

Mom was beside herself. “That’s discrimination!” she shouted.

The officer calmly explained, “I meant the speed limit.”


My daughter said something to me that I didn’t think was very polite. 

I told her she needed to say it again in a nicer way ... so she repeated it
with a British accent.


I walked into our family room just in time to see our kitten standing on a 
side table, sniffing my husband’s wineglass. “Get down!” I yelled.

As she jumped away, I turned to my husband and son: “I’ve never seen her do

My son shrugged. “Really?
We watch her drink out of your glass all the time.”


Our neighbour brought over a delicious home-made meal, eliciting this 
comment from my daughter: “No offense, Mom, but Kristi’s dinner makes you 
look like a really bad mother.”

My older daughter quickly jumped to my defence. “Susan, that’s absolutely 
not true,” she said. “Kristi just makes Mom look like a really bad cook.”


Mom texting her daughter.

Mom: I think I keep getting messages or missed calls or something.
Me: From who?
Mom: Someone called Betty Low?
Me: Um, battery low?
Mom: That’s it!


One morning, my wife asked our four-year-old son, Jud, what he wanted for 

“Soup,” he said.

“Son, we don’t eat soup for breakfast. We eat soup for lunch. 
So what would you like for breakfast?”

“Lunch,” he replied.


My husband and I were at our lawyer’s office to sign our wills. 

After we’d reviewed them, our lawyer leaned over his desk with pen in hand
and asked, “Now, who’s going to go first?”


Doctor and patient:

Doctor: How old are your kids?

Patient: Forty-four and 39 from my wife who passed away, and from my second
wife, 15 and 13.

Doctor: That’s quite the age difference!

Patient: Well, the older ones didn’t give me any grandkids, so I made my 


A frugal widow goes to the newspaper to take out an obituary notice for her
late husband. “How much?” she asks the fellow behind the counter.

“One dollar per word,” he says.

She says, “Make it ‘MacGregor died.’ ”

“It’s a five-word minimum.”

She nearly faints but collects herself.

“Very well, make it ‘MacGregor died. Volvo for sale.’ ”

Mary Poppins Returns (IMAX)Ben Is BackSimmba
Robin HoodRobin Hood (4DX)Mary Poppins Returns (4DX)Mary Poppins Returns
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