Why Cheat India

Why Cheat India
India’s hallowed government educational institutions, meant to be the nurseries of young intellect, are being tainted by criminal forces who are transforming them from being temples of learning to houses of infamy. In a world where social standing is equated with finding an admission into the country’s top tier technology and management education institutes, the pressure on parents and students to get into these meccas, is understandably ferocious. The large number of aspirants fighting for a limited number of seats has inevitably given birth to jaw-dropping corruption, manipulation and scams that have reached endemic proportions. Cheat India cocks a snook at the frailties of the Indian education system, infested by greed harvesters. In a system where admission into an elite institution is the holy grail of a student’s journey, Rakesh, endowed with a glib tongue and confident air, works quietly behind the scenes, in making undeserving dreams come true. Turning national tragedy into a farce of sorts, he is the modern day Robin Hood using the brainy to help those with less of an IQ. Rakesh becomes impregnable as his empire grows. Bright and needy toppers under his wings make colossal money while anxious parents continue falling prey to his yarns. With sleuths on his trail, the incorrigible power-intoxicated master-mind must continue to navigate his way through a complex web that wants to ensnare him. Set in the early 2000s, the topical film, abdicating conventional moral attitudinising, is a riveting drama about the Indian student who has been left with no choice but to brave the rotten grind of the education system stifled by the ‘money is power’ philosophy. In Hindi language with English subtitles.

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Bollywood.
There’s plenty of money in education.
There’s plenty of money in education.


Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Ammar Taalwala
Soumik Sen
ScreenplaySoumik Sen, Mishkka Shekhawat
EditingBiswabyapi Halder
Made in2019

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