Newsletter and jokes 10 May 2019

Hi all 
Well the election is done and dusted, and the more things change, the more 
they stay the same ....  
So lets talk about movies instead.... :-) 
The biggest release of the week is The Hustle, a female-friendly remake of  
a 1964 film. That's joined by the domestic creepy thriller The Intruder. 
On the art circuit we have an offbeat romance in Tulipani: Love, Honour and 
a Bicycle, while also on the art circuit and some commercial, another  
female-friendly (but older age group) comedy Poms.  
The subcontinent has two offerings, a Hindi rom-com Student of the Year 2, 
and the Malayam action thriller Madhura Raja. 
Enjoy :-) 
Releasing 10 May 2019 
* The Hustle~(13 LSV) 
* The Intruder~(13 SV) 
* Poms~(13 LS) 
* Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle~(16 LSVDB) 
* Student of the Year 2~(13 PV) 
* Madhura Raja   
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Cheers, Ian 
I was at the customer-service desk, returning a pair of jeans that was too  
“Was anything wrong with them?” the clerk asked. 
“Yes,” I said. “They hurt my feelings.” 
When asked for his name by the coffee shop clerk, my brother-in-law  
answered, “Marc, with a C.”  
Minutes later, he was handed his coffee with his name written on the side:  
I was an English major, in case there’s ever an emergency involving a  
A Twitter exchange between an angry customer and an apologetic Domino’s  
Customer: Yoooo I ordered a Pizza & Came with no Toppings on it or  
anything, Its Just Bread. 
Domino’s: We’re sorry to hear about this! 
Customer (minutes later): Never mind, I opened the pizza upside down :/ 
My son and I were checking out a house he was interested in buying. When  
the owner came to the door, she looked at me and said, “Larry? I know you.  
We went to school together. I’m Elaine. Don’t you recognize me?” 
I drew a complete blank. 
She took out our old yearbook and showed me her graduation picture — still  
nothing. “Let’s look at your picture,” she said. 
She flipped the pages until she came to me. Under my photo I had written,  
“Elaine, I will never forget you.” 
Knock, knock.  
Who’s there?  
To who? 
To *whom*. 
Drama: a word boring people use to describe fun people. 

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