In this adult female-friendly comedy, we follow a group of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

110 minutes.
No persons under 18 (Language, Sex, Nudity, Violence).
Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Female interest.
Men are so easy....
Men are so easy....


Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B, Lizzo, Madeline Brewer
Lorene Scafaria
ScreenplayLorene Scafaria, from the magazine article by Jessica Pressler
CinematographyTodd Banhazl
EditingKayla Emter
Made in2019
Produced byGloria Sanchez Productions, STX Films, Annapurna Pictures

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Film and Publications Board (FPB) Report (SA)

GenreComedy, crime, drama
LanguageFrequent, strong impact, use of crude language as a form of expression as well as in anger and frustration which is not intended to be demeaning or insulting.
NudityInfrequent, moderate impact Nudity within the context of erotic dancing.
SexNone (sic)
ViolenceNone (sic)
Drug abuseNone
CommentsThemes are complex and mature exploring the life of an exotic dancer as she struggles to make a legitimate living to support herself and her ailing grandmother. Themes include hustling, strip tease, strippers and strip shows, exotic dancing for paying clients; immorality perpetuated by immoral men; friendship and loyalty; the Wall street crash of 2008, financial difficulties, manufacturing synthetic drugs for the purpose of drugging and defrauding clients, scamming and betrayal, exploitation of wealthy men to spend money; survival in a tough economy, taking care of family, grooming and sisterhood, with a very strong impact sense of threat and menace. The themes are too mature for younger viewers who may not have reached the cognitive development levels to comprehend the content making the content unsuitable for children younger than 18 years as it can be misleading and morally harmful by distorting their sense of right or wrong and limiting their capacity for human compassion.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.

USA MPAA rating

R: RestrictedRated R for pervasive sexual material, drug content, language and nudity
USA version is usually but not always the same as South African release. Versions released on streaming or DVD, Blu-ray or Video may also differ.


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say
Ilan Preskovsky quote iconFor all that it seemingly wants to be the Big Short with (more) strippers, it’s mostly just a less fanciful Ocean’s 8. That’s not a terrible place to be, but it’s not something to go gaga over either.
15 critics
Rottentomatoes critics
51 critics
Rottentomatoes tomatometer
Tomatometer quote iconLed by a command performance from Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers is a uniquely empowering heist drama with depth and intelligence to match its striking visual appeal.

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